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About the Farm

Giving More to the Soil than We Take

Owner Liz Graznak joined a local CSA while attending grad school, and immediately know she wanted to become farmer to feed her community.

After working on a number of different farms out east and in the Midwest Liz decided to move back to the Columbia area. Liz established Happy Hollow Farm in 2010, nestled among the rolling hills along the Missouri River. The primary growing fields border the Little Splice Creek bottom and thus benefit from the beautiful silt loam soils that are rich in organic matter. The farm is USDA certified organic and uses a combination of highly managed cover cropping techniques, crop rotations, compost applications, hay mulch and add small quantities of minerals and nutrients.

Happy Hollow Farm continues to be focused on certified organic production and has expanded to nearly 9 acres of veggies, fruit, eggs and flowers that she sells thru the CSA, at the Columbia Farmers Market and to a number of local restaurants and grocery stores.

In 2022, Liz was appointed to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), a federal advisory board under the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service and makes recommendations on a variety of issues involving the production, handling, and processing of organic products.

Happy Hollow Farm is 100% Solar-Powered

With the help of a USDA REAP grant & the awesome local MO company Sun Solar, we have installed a 20,000 KW system on the roof of our barn & wash/pack shed. We are now producing 100% of the energy we use with the help of the sun’s solar rays!
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