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Beautifully Cultivated Fields

There are few things that bring this FarmHer more joy than looking out over a perfectly seeded, perfectly cultivated, gorgeous crop of healthy veggies.  I took this picture last week in the early evening while out on a field walk.

Often times I am so engaged in the day to day hustle on the farm that taking in the bigger picture doesn't happen as often as it should.  That's why I purposefully schedule time each week to take a long slow field walk at the end of a work day.  Nothing but me and the fields, the veggies, the bugs, the birds and sometimes a beer in hand.  I walk slowly, looking at everything, trying to notice the things that go unnoticed during a busy day.  These are times I look forward to.  Times that I am reminded of the beauty that is in the work we do every day.  Times that remind me of the beautiful place that I get to call home.  

Times that remind me why I love farming!

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