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Farm Beginnings


My farming days began nearly 15 years ago, when I worked as a field hand for the Wheat Breeding crew at Cornell University.  That summer I learned how to drive a tractor.  I learned how to drive a small combine.  I learned what complete devotion from a pet means, as far as responsibility and constant having to pay attention to another being.  I learned how to give that love back.  I also discovered my love of coming home tired at the end of a long hard & hot days work.  And I discovered that I longed to get up and do that same hard & hot days work day after day!

Farming for me, has been a journey of growing up, proving to myself that I can do more and accomplish more and do better at everything that I set my mind to.  And most importantly, it has been an incredible adventure and catalyst towards building the community of fellow farmers, eaters & family that I love & cherish more than anything.  

I am grateful to call myself a FarmHer!


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