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Growing During the Winter Months @ HHF


Did you know that we can grow a wide assortment of delicious, healthy & USDA Certified Organic Veggies during the winter months, here in central Missouri?!? 

Well, we can!!!  In structures called high tunnels.  These unheated structures offer enough thermal mass to keep the ground just above freezing.  Allowing our veggies to grow (albeit slowly) and to be available for harvesting all winter long.





We use "blankets" called row cover.  To help protect the veggies during the super cold days & nights.  But when the sun comes out, we uncover everything in the tunnels.  Allowing the veggies to absorb the sun's rays and continue to grow.  Winter farming is definitely a very different way of growing and requires a whole different skill set.  But we love it!  And boy are the leafy greens harvested during the winter months, amazingly sweet & nutritious!!!

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