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How Quickly Summer Turns to Fall


Just a few short weeks ago we were harvesting so many tomatoes from these 2 now empty beds, we could barely keep up.  With the cooler weather this past week, ripening came to a grinding halt.  Telling us it was time to rip those tomatoes out and prep the beds for fall/winter kale & spinach.  The change of the seasons marks the end of hot, long, exhausting, gratitude filled summer days.  Moving into cooler weather at a slightly slower pace and reflecting on all the food we have grown and fed people over the past many months.  It will soon be soup season and time for hours spent in front of a wood fire, cup of coffee in hand, hopefully reading a good book and maybe thinking a bit about next year and our big plans for another fabulous growing season.  Those days will be here soon!  So for now back to work... to make sure we have plenty of delicious healthy veggies ready for the winter months!  

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