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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Happy Hollow Farm welcomes all who are interested in supporting local sustainable agriculture to become a CSA member. When you join a CSA, you financially commit your dollars to "our" farming operation. In return, your FarmHer & crew will grow the best vegetables we can to make good on that investment.
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Which CSA Membership Option is Best for You?

32-Week Extended Season - You'll have your CSA through the Summer and into late Fall.  This is option is seasonal eating at it's best!

24-Week Summer Season - Families and individuals who join Happy Hollow Farm CSA will receive a share of produce every week during the 24 week growing season (mid-May thru the end of October).

24-Week Market Share - The Market Share CSA offers an abundance of seasonal fresh produce throughout the summer season. Members will receive a card (HHF CSA bucks) with which they can keep track of their “purchases” each week. Members may “purchase” as little or as much every week, however, they must spend all of their HHF CSA bucks within the same 24 weeks as the summer CSA season.

8-Week Winter Season - The Winter CSA season beginning the first week of November and will include delicious cool weather veggies such as Kale, Swiss Chard, a variety of root vegetables, various types of head lettuce, spinach, arugula and much more.
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Full Share

Full Share typically contains 6-8 different vegetables and a total volume of about 0.6-0.75 bushels per week (quantities are less the first few weeks of the season and more during the peak of the growing season). During the peak of the season this is approximately the volume of a large paper grocery bag.

Price per Week Breakdown:
32-Week (summer & winter): $48
24-Week (summer): $50
8-Week (winter): $53
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Single Share

Single Share is for members that are single or may not eat as many vegetables in a week as the Full Share option. This membership option will receive 4-6 different items each week (quantities are less the first few weeks of the season and more during the peak of the growing season).

Price per Week Breakdown:
32-Week (summer & winter): $35
24-Week (summer): $38
8-Week (winter): $42
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Farmers Market Share

This option allows you to “shop” from our stall during the 24 week Spring/Summer/Early Fall CSA season on Saturdays at the Columbia Farmers Market. It provides members with the same direct connection to their farmer, gives a stable source of income to the farm at the time it is most needed, and allows members more choice in the vegetables they receive each week.

Price per Week Breakdown:
24-Week Summer: $30
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Add on: Flower Share

Each bouquet is uniquely crafted and contains a wide assortment of seasonal ornamental cut flowers that we grow on the farm. For 24 weeks (the full length of the Summer CSA Season) during the spring/summer/fall growing seasons, you will receive a beautiful hand crafted bouquet of seasonal flowers.
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Add-On: Egg Share

Add any size egg share to your CSA share and the eggs will be delivered weekly with your vegetables. Egg laying is heavily influenced by day length. As such egg shares are only available for the 24 week summer CSA season.
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Add-On: Apple Share

Apple Share distribution will begin in early October and will last for 8 (or 4 if you order every other) weeks. Note: 1lb of apples is approximately 3-5 apples depending on variety.
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Add-On: Grass Fed Beef

Beef shares are available as 1/2 cow, 1/4 cow, and select cuts to your Veggie CSA Share. Total beef amounts will vary slightly due to the nature of various sizes of cows.
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Add-On: Beef Half or Quarter Cow

Half or quarter pastured cow processed to your specifications. This is a single delivery item that requires sufficient freezer space.
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Add-On: Chicken

Liz has partnered with her long time farmer friend Bill Strope, to offer delicious pasture raised chickens to your weekly Veggie Shares. These chickens are moved daily to fresh grass giving you the very best and flavorful meat possible. The chickens are processed every month at a local butcher shop near Bill’s farm. Order thighs, legs, wings, breasts and livers.
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Add-On: Pork Add-Ons

Monthly pork shares are available as select cuts to your weekly Veggie CSA Share. Total pork amounts will vary slightly due to the nature of various sizes of pigs. The pork will consist of assorted cuts including bacon, sausage, pork chops, pork steaks, ham, tenderloin and bratwurst.
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Add-On: Pork Whole, Half, or Quarter Pig

Monthly additions (assorted cuts) will be added to your weekly Veggie CSA Share. 4 packages assorted cuts once a month for a total of 5 months. (For example 1 package KC Strips, 1 package ribs, 1 roast, & 1 package 1.5lb. hamburger)
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Subsidized Partner Shares

HHF is a member of the Fair Share CSA Coalition which provides financial assistance for low-income households in purchasing CSA shares. If you're interested, you must first apply online through the Fair Share website. Once approved, please contact us directly to receive your financial assistance certificate.

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