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Types of CSA Shares

Which Membership Option is Best for You?

Choose an amount of vegetables that you will be comfortable preparing and eating over the entire season (24 or 32 weeks). Items are typically what you would purchase seasonally at the farmers market in order to make a meal. Think about what you find early spring (lots of different types of greens, radishes, spinach & possibly some storage root veggies) versus late summer (tomaotes, squash, zucchini, onions, melons, eggplant & peppers). Quantities vary depending on the size share you choose.  

As a Plant Breeder and plant lover at heart, Liz is also interested in trying many different varieties and will introduce members to new and interesting vegetables that you may not often buy for yourself at the store.  There will be plenty of staples don't worry, but let's keep things interesting & exciting as well!

The Farmers Market Share

A Farmers Market Share is for those members committed to supporting Happy Hollow Farm but who prefer to choose your veggies every week.

For $700 you can “shop” from our stall during the 24 week Spring/Summer/Early Fall CSA season on Saturdays at the Columbia Farmers Market. This option provides members with the same direct connection to their FarmHer, gives a stable source of income to the farm at the time it is most needed, and allows members more choice in the vegetables they receive each week.  Members will receive a card (HHF CSA bucks) with which they can keep track of their “purchases” each week. FarmHer Liz will also keep a running tally of weekly “purchases”. Members may “purchase” as little or as much as they choose every week, however, they must spend all of their HHF CSA bucks within the same 24 weeks as the current CSA season.

Full Share

Full Share typically contains 6-8 different vegetables and a total volume of about 0.6-0.75 bushels per week (quantities are less the first few weeks of the season, and more during the peak of the growing season). During the peak of the season this is approximately the volume of a large paper grocery bag.  

This share size is recommended for people who are big veggie eaters and eat at home 4-5 nights per week.

Single Share

Single Share is for members that are single or may not eat as many vegetables in a week as the Full Share option. This membership option will receive 4-6 different items each week (quantities are less the first few weeks of the season, and more during the peak of the growing season).  

This share size is recommened for people that are single or couples that eat at home 3-4 nights per week.

Additional Share Options

ENJOY The Full Benefits of CSA Membership

We also offer add-on shares to your weekly veggie box; options include eggs, a weekly flower bouquet and various different proteins. Each of these can be picked up along with your weekly veggie share.

CSA Share Discounts

Extra Work Share Discount 

This share option is available for those members interested in joining the CSA & playing a more active role in the weekly harvesting of veggies. This share option requires that you work 18 hours (2 – 4 hour Farm Work Shifts & 4 -2.5 hour Distribution Shifts) to deduct $150 off the original share price.
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