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Great Horned Owl Relocation


For the past few weeks we have been losing some of our chickens, to what we supposed was some sort of avian predator.  Owls are very picky eaters, only eating the head and leaving the rest of the body.  So, Clint rigged up a net to encircle the coop at night to give some added protection to our ladies.  Well, last week on Monday night, we caught a beautiful Great Horned Owl.  Luckily, it was not injured and we were able to untangle him/her from the net and she/he was relocated to the Mark Twain National Forest.  Hopefully, it is far enough away that she/he won't return!

Here is a great video that our CSA member Marcia N. captured of it's release!

Great Horned Owl Relocation

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