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Snow damage on the farm

Well, it's been a pretty difficult last couple of days.  I discovered the high tunnel damage Tuesday morning early; I was devastated!  We just finished putting up the structure the second week of October, 2010 and had finished our first very successful Winter CSA season the middle of January. The snow is up to the bottom of the hip board on all sides of the tunnel (that's a little under 5' high).

It will probably be a week or more before the snow melts enough that I can get in and start really assessing the damage.  Needless to say it's bad!  Farming certainly isn't an easy business.  But I'll start the deconstruction process as soon as I can and then start thinking about when and how to rebuild a better and stronger high tunnel this year.  Not sure that I'll get to it this spring; it may have to be another fall project.  As one of my members told me yesterday...  I have a huge community of supporters so just send out the word when I'm ready and they'll be here to help.  I'm so grateful for all the friends, family & CSA members that keep me going especially when something like this happens!!!

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